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Geography of Epirus

Epirus is situated in the northwest corner and is one of the 13 regions of Greece.  Its capital is Ioannina.  On the west is the Ionian Sea, to the south is Sterea Ellada (Central Greece), to the east is Thessaly and Macedonia, and to the north is Albania (or Northern Epirus).  The area is 9,203 square kilometers (6.7% of Greek land).  Epirus is considered as being the bridge of Western Europe and is converting as the focal point between Italy, Northern Greece and the Balkan Countries.  The main infrustructure that links Epirus to Western Europe are the Port of Igoumenitsa, the Port of Preveza, Egnatia Freeway, Aktiou-Preveza Freeway and tunnel that lead to the Rio-Antiriou bridge (south), the main airport of Ioannina (PYRROS) and the second airport of Preveza link Epirus with the wider region.  Industry in Epirus is continually developing, and with an established trasnport insfrustructure, Epirus has become an important geographical link between Western Europe and the Middle East.

There are four Prefectures in Epirus:

    * Prefecture of Arta, it's capital is Arta;
    * Prefecture of Thesprotia, it's capital is Igoumenitsa;
    * Prefecture of Ioanninon, it's capital is Ioannina; and
    * Prefecture of Preveza, it's capital is Preveza.

Geographically, Epirus is unique and rich in nature.  Epirus consists of 14% of agricultural land, 52% covered by grassland, 26% forest, 3% of water and 74% is mountainous.  The main rivers are Aoos, Thamis (or Kalamas), Aherontas (ancient Greek legend states the river where Hades took souls to the underworld and many moths (souls) flew around this river), Louros and Arathos.  The mountain ranges are Northern Tzoumerka-Ioanninon, Central and Southern Tzoumerka-Arta, Mourgana Range and the Pindus Range where Zagori, Viko Gorge, Metsovo and Konitsa are located.  The Prefecture of Preveza and Thesprotia are known for the fertile land and the beaches, such as Preveza, Parga and Sivoto.

Ancient architecture can be seen and visisted at palces such as the ancient oracle of Dodoni (older than the oracle of Delphi), ancient Nikopolis and Ancient Amrakia (walls, theatre and temple of Apollo).  Byzantine chrches, monastaries, traditional villages and stone bridges are also found in all areas of Epirus, such as Geromeri Monastery, Zagorohoria, Tzoumerka and the Arta Bridge